Amsterdam Hindemith Viola Festival 2021

The 8th Amsterdam “Hindemith” Viola Festival and National Viola Competition has just been formally announced by the Conservatory of Amsterdam. This year’s edition has been assigned the additional attribute “Hindemith Viola Festival”. Both the festival programming and the repertoire for the viola competition will be strongly accentuated by the works of the German violist-composer Paul Hindemith (1895-1963).

Hindemith image: see attribution below

SAVE THE DATE(s): November 20th-27th, 2021

The DVS will once again contribute to the programming, in particular we plan the biannual National Viola Gathering on the final evening of the festival.

For more information about the Festival:  follow this link (CvA)
For more information about the Competition:  follow this link (CvA)

*Hindemith image: By Foto vom Hindemith-Institut als Rechteinhaber unter GFDL zur Verfügung gestelltHochgeladen nach de.wikipedia von de:Benutzer:Axel Hindemith, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link