IVS Launches Series of National Viola Livestreams!

The International Viola Society (IVS) has come up with a nice initiative during this pandemic, where travel is next to impossible and our cherished International Viola Congresses (IVCs) have been put on hold. There will instead be a monthly livestreamed programme from various national sections of the IVS.

First up is the Canadian Viola Society (CVS) (more details below), to be followed in the coming months by the Turkish Viola Society, the Polish Viola Society and … the Dutch Viola Society!  We will of course keep you informed as more details emerge.

The livestreams are of course free of charge, and available to all violists around the world, whether or not you are a member of an IVS section.

Here is a trailer produced by our very own IVS board representative Karin Dolman:

Find below the official invitation from the IVS/CVS:

Dear IVS section members across the world!

Tomorrow is the big day! – Please join us  tomorrow,
Sunday 28th of March at 20:30h Amsterdam (summer) time, for our first virtual IVS event featuring Canada!
A masterclass and a final award ceremony with the great Canadian violist Steven Dann has been put together for you, in order for you to take part in one of our sections highlights of the year – despite Covid which still hounds us and makes international travel impossible.  Enjoy!
From now on, every month we will have a surprise for you. Stay tuned!
Viva la viola!
Jutta and the fantastic and innovative IVS board