Garth Knox Masterclass Participation Terms and Conditions 2020

Edit – February 7th, 2021:
Dear violists – due to the Coronavirus situation in The Netherlands, we have had to postpone this event (again) until the fall of 2021. If you had already applied for this masterclass, you will be invited to apply again at that time. We will keep you updated!

The following Terms and Conditions apply to all Applicants for the DVS Garth Knox Masterclass 2020 participation. Please read it thoroughly. At the end of the Terms and Conditions you will find the link to the application form. If you have questions regarding this masterclass, please contact us via: .

In these Terms and Conditions, the following definitions are used:

1.1. DVS refers to the organization behind the Masterclass, the Dutch Viola Society.

1.2. Application refers to the act of filling in and submitting the DVS Garth Knox Masterclass 2020 Application Form.

1.3. A Masterclass Candidate is a person who is Applying for the DVS Garth Knox Masterclass 2020 participation.

1.4. A Masterclass Participant is a person who has Applied for Masterclass participation and has been admitted for a specific masterclass.


2.1. In order to be considered for selection, the Candidate must be maximum 26 years of age during the Masterclass (born after 22/11/1993).

2.2. In order to be considered for selection, the proposed repertoire for the masterclass must fulfill one of the following criteria:

  • A work of Early Music with variations (composed before 1750)
  • A new work for viola composed after 1960 with extended techniques
  • A work by Garth Knox
  • The Candidates’ own composition, cadenza or concept

2.3. The proposed repertoire for the Masterclass must be performed in the Application video.

2.4. In the Application Form, the candidate must submit a short personal Biography of maximum 250 words, as well as a C.V. / Resumé of max. 2 pages. Both documents can be uploaded separately, or bundled as one document.

2.5. In the Application Form, the candidate must upload a headshot photo. This image file must comply to the following format requirements:

  • Photo must be recent (less than 3 years old)
  • JPEG file format
  • Full colour
  • Dimensioned at (minimum) 600×600 up to 1200×1200 pixels

2.6. In the Application Form, the candidate must submit a link to a video recording of his/her viola playing. The video must conform to the following rules:

  1. The proposed repertoire for the Masterclass must be performed in the Application video, and be in accordance with the repertoire criteria stated in 2.2.
  2. The video must be uploaded to YouTube, Vimeo or similar online streaming or file sharing platform. The link to the video shall be provided in the Application form.
  3. The link itself shall allow anyone in possession of the link to view the video (i.e. link sharing). No specific user login shall be required of the viewer.
  4. The video must remain persistently available through the given link until at least November 21st 2020.
  5. The video must have been recorded in the current calendar year (2020).
  6. Minimum length of video: 4 minutes
  7. No maximum recording length is indicated, however the selection committee will not be obliged to listen through more than 7 minutes of the candidate’s recording.
  8. The video shall be made from sufficiently close range to clearly recognize the candidate’s face (when compared to the separately uploaded photo, see 2.4 above)
  9. The video shall allow an unobstructed view of the candidate’s face, arms and hands.
  10. The video must not be edited, i.e. a piece (movement) shall be shown from beginning to end without skips or switching between different camera’s.
  11. Textual titles and subtitles on the video image are allowed, as long as they do not obstruct the view as per bullet 8. above.
  12. When sending a longer recording than 7 minutes, the Candidate indicates what part the Committee should listen to.

2.7. The Candidate has to confirm his/her availability for the masterclass (November 21st 2020, between 0900-1800h).

2.8. The candidate must agree to these Terms and Conditions.

2.9. The Application Form must be submitted no later than 24:00h (Rotterdam time, CET) on November 1st, 2020.


3.1. The Masterclass Selection committee of the DVS will finalize selections within two weeks of the Application deadline mentioned in article 2.9 above. The candidates will be informed of their status by e-mail, as soon as possible after this decision.

3.2. Each candidate will be selected and assigned to at most one masterclass. From the moment such a selection has been communicated to the applicant, the candidate has become a Participant.

3.3. Candidates who are not selected for a Masterclass, will be placed on a Waiting List (for later admission, in case of cancellations).

3.4. The DVS cannot guarantee that the time/location will not change. The Participant is expected to exercise maximum flexibility with respect to changing dates and times of the assigned masterclass.

3.5. The DVS will not provide a pianist or any other accompaniment.

3.6. A selected Participant will owe a one-time Masterclass fee of €25,- , to be paid to the DVS Bank account before November 21st 2020. The DVS Bank account number is available on the DVS Contact Page. 


4.1. In the event that the Participant should be(come) unavailable for the assigned Masterclass, he/she has to notify the DVS as soon as possible by sending a cancellation by e-mail to


5.1. The selected Participants will be requiered to state if they, any of their close contacts and/or members of their household have (had) any Covid-19 symptoms 24 hours before the Masterclass starts.

5.2. The selected Participants must adhere to the Dutch Covid-19 regulations and advices as stated on during the masterclass.

5.3. Any complementary house rules regarding Covid-19 at the Masterclass site shall be respected by the Participants.


6.1. Decisions of the DVS Garth Knox Masterclass 2020 Selection committee are final; there is no possibility to appeal these decisions.

6.2. In case of infringement of these Terms and Conditions, DVS reserves the right to refuse or cancel the Participant’s assignment.

6.3. All points not covered herein are subject to the decision of the President of the DVS.


Thank you for your attention. You can now apply via this link: